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Jill Seifers Walsh - voice
Mika Pohjola - piano

Nashville-based singer Jill Walsh live concert is here released in its entirety, and contains songs from her Broadway jazz repertoire. These songs became her and New York-pianist Mika Pohjola's duo trademark at the turn of the millenium. Walsh and Pohjola met in Boston in the early 90's, and started making frequent appearances with their repertory in New York City. This duo performs Broadway classics by Cole Porter, Frank Loesser, Dmitri Tiomkin and Richard Rodgers, not to forget Elvis Costello. The repertoire contains songs which are forgotten by many of today's jazz musicians. It is the contrast between Ms. Walsh's heartfelt yet simple vocal stylings and Mr. Pohjola's lush harmonies and rhythm section-like comping which makes the duo and this memorable live concert particularly fresh and a truly a special one. The renditions express masterful lyricism in music and words.

Live Jazz on Broadway

Released 2009

by Jill Seifers Walsh